Our client Jessica had lived in a historic home in Ryan Place for years, enduring a cramped kitchen and washing dishes by hand. Her dream was a functional kitchen – with a dishwasher! They worked with Tarin at Haute Home to create a design to remove a wall, expand the space, and give Jessica and her husband the kitchen they dreamed of. As they worked through the plan, they realized the home needed both electrical and plumbing upgrades, a laundry room remodel, and a full-house paint job. A friend referred them to Home Front, which has remodeled nearly every room in his 105-year-old house. Home Front handled everything start to finish, completed the entire job in about six weeks, and made it easy on the client.

From the client: “Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new kitchen. It feels like an entirely new house. The flow is so much better AND it’s just beautiful. I keep staring at it in awe – I can’t believe this is our home! I used to hide visitors from our kitchen. Now I cannot wait to show it off. Home Front was amazing from start to finish.I was so overwhelmed at the thought of redoing our kitchen, but thanks to your team, the entire process was easy and fun. Sergio and Jauquin felt like family. Everyone showed up on time with a great attitude, and took exceptional pride in their work. I am looking forward to our next project with you. I am very grateful for the friend who referred your team to us.”